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  1. Night Time Hair Care Tips-A few things to note

    Night hair care in addition to know how to care methods and techniques, in addition also need to know some precautions. This helps hair care better.

    Do use a silk or satin pillowcase

    the smooth surface of the fabric prevents your hair from matting and tangling, and it does not remove product from the hair keeping your tresses hydrated and luster all night long.

    Do opt for a loose braid

    on nights when you really can’t be bothered to follow the above steps, keep your weave tangle and breakage free with a loose braid.

    Don’t ever sleep with wet hair

    the dampness can cause the hair to rub together, resulting in major damage

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  2. Night Time Hair Care Tips-If your hair extension is straight

    Straight hair care is very important, because straight hair need supple and not frizal look good. Do you know how to care for your own straight hair? Let's take a look at the correct care method:

    Using your fingers and a wide tooth comb, gently comb through your hair to remove any knots or tangles.

    If needed, rehydrate your hair by applying a tiny amount of light hair moisturizer which isn’t heavy or thick at all, as product build up is more prevalent and happens more quickly in straight hair.

    If you have any leave out hair, gently apply a small amount of light hair moisturizer on the leave-out as well as on the nape and edge of your hairline.

    Using a larg

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  3. Night Time Hair Care Tips-If your hair extension is curly

    Hair care can not be ignored night care. People are busy for a day, in the evening will sleep to rest, in order to be energetic tomorrow.

    The same is true for hair. During the day, tThe sun and wind hurt the hair, the other dust stuck to the hair. and the evening care needs to be taken care of, so that it can be supple and charming during the day. So, Do you know how to care for hair? Read the following carefully and learn how to properly care for your hair at night.

    Using your fingers and a wide tooth comb, gently comb through your hair to remove any tangles.

    On dry hair, rehydrate your hair by applying a small amount of hair moisturizer which isn’t too heavy or thick.

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  4. How To Properly Take Care of Your Human Hair Wig

    Purchase human hair extension has become a trend, a wig can make you transform a different style. No matter what happens in parties, offices, cafes, etc., you can dress up beautifully, but a suitable for their own, beautiful hair extensions can help you a lot of help. Human hair extension only know how to maintain more durable, supple, not deformed. Well, let's take a closer look at how to take care of your wig properly

    Maintaining and washing your human hair wig is not difficult; it just requires attention and gentle care. Most human hair wigs are made with hair that has been dyed and chemically processed in order to remove the cuticle. Human hair wigs must be handled gently as these processed make the

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  5. What is the Different Quality in 8A, 10A Grade Virgin Hair?

    As the popularity of virgin human hair rapidly growing, the demand for high quality virgin hair has increased dramatically over the year. There are so many different types of virgin hair available in the market to choose from, and you will often see that the high quality virgin hair being categorized as 8A, 10A. But what do they really mean you must wonder? What’s the difference in quality between these 8A, 10A grade virgin hair? Read on, as we will explain it further in detail..

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  6. There are 5 hairstyles for 8A Brazilian human hair, Which one do you like?

    Riverwood 8A Brazilian human hair have high quality, There are 5 hairstyles for it. They are Straight hair, Body wave, Deep wave, Jerry curly and kinky curly.

    Straight hair with natural color, This is what most people like hairstyles, is a very daily hairstyle. We have 10-20 inch, The price is Manufacturers price.

    Body wave, It is a more sexy hair, is the world's most popular. Each girl's heart wants to be beautiful, choose this Body wave is very useful.

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  7. Christmas Promotions Details

    Dear customers, Christmas is coming soon.

    In order to bring the pleasure of shopping to the customers, we specially introduce the shopping concession.

    The rules are as follows:

    The purchase of products is more than $99, input RW10, saving $10.

    More than $149, input RW15, save $15.

    more than $199, input RW20, save $20.

    Welcome to buy.

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