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  1. What is the Different Quality in 8A, 10A Grade Virgin Hair?

    As the popularity of virgin human hair rapidly growing, the demand for high quality virgin hair has increased dramatically over the year. There are so many different types of virgin hair available in the market to choose from, and you will often see that the high quality virgin hair being categorized as 8A, 10A. But what do they really mean you must wonder? What’s the difference in quality between these 8A, 10A grade virgin hair? Read on, as we will explain it further in detail..

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  2. There are 5 hairstyles for 8A Brazilian human hair, Which one do you like?

    Riverwood 8A Brazilian human hair have high quality, There are 5 hairstyles for it. They are Straight hair, Body wave, Deep wave, Jerry curly and kinky curly.

    Straight hair with natural color, This is what most people like hairstyles, is a very daily hairstyle. We have 10-20 inch, The price is Manufacturers price.

    Body wave, It is a more sexy hair, is the world's most popular. Each girl's heart wants to be beautiful, choose this Body wave is very useful.

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  3. How to buy 8A Brazilian body wave human hair extension.

    How to buy 8A Brazilian body wave human hair extension.

    Wigs make us more beautiful, so it is very popular, every beauty of our girl's dream of having a soft and charming long hair. So, when buying wigs need to pay attention to what? After reading this article, you will know how to buy 8A Brazilian body wave human hair extension.

    In the choice of hair, the first need to see the color of the hair, check all the hair is a color wire, make sure there is no white hair.

    The second is to see the whole, body wave shape curly neatly when the jitter is deformed.

    Third look at the details, including the triple sewing machine head, whether there is miscellaneous hair, hair loss will be, as well as the tail of the hair.

    Riverwood hair is a professional extension of the hair, factories in China, has offices in the world. Riverwood hair produced hair of

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