In the previous article, we discussed two types of hair extensions: sew in hair extensions and clip in hair extensions. Let's discuss several other types of hair extensions today.

glue in hair extensions

Glue in: as the name suggests, this permanent option is attached with the use of an adhesive. Glue in extensions can stay put for much longer.

Human hair lace wigs

Wigs: sew in extensions and a closure are used to make wigs and they come in different variations like lace wigs. This is a great option if you want to change your hair regularly.

Integrated: identical to lace wigs, these extensions have nylon wefts through which your natural hair is pulled to make for easy blending.

microlinks human hair extensions

Microlinks: tubings or keratin is used to attach microlinks to natural hair. This option is semi-permanent and can endure for more than a single day. Getting them installed can be expensive in some salons..

Well, this is all types of hair extensions, which type is the most suitable for you, is what you want most?