How to order a human hair? Without mix animal hair or chemical fiber, So you can buy a beautiful human hair with durable quality and affordable price.

Previous article We discussed How to Buy the Best Cheap Human Hair Extensions - Determine your hair color, then today we are going to discuss the second step: Determine the hair extension type.

There are so many variants of wholesale hair extensions that you will be spoilt for choice. You can choose from temporary to semi-permanent and permanent human hair extensions, it all depends on your personal preference.

sew in hair extensions

Sew in: sew in extensions are by far the most famous kind of all. You can get them in different textures, colors and lengths. You can create different hair styles with this on a daily basis without damage to your real hair. When you take good care of them, sew in human hair extensions will last up to or more than a year.

clip in hair extensions

Clip in: the easiest option to use is clip in extensions. It is a good choice for women of all ages as a simple clip onto the hair secures it. They are temporary and should not be worn to serious occasions where they can be pulled of by elements like other people or wind.

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