Grade 7A Brazilian Deep Wave Details

This piece of hair is made of 100% Brazilian human hair, no animal hair or fiber, is the virgin hair, our factory in strict accordance with the requirements of the production, so the quality is very guaranteed, please rest assured. Level is 7A, good quality.

The color of the hair is pure natural color, of course, you can according to their favorite color for dyeing, can also bleach. The weight of the hair is 100g ± 5g / beam, buy three is 300g.

The size of the hair is 10 ", 12", 14 ", 16", 18 ", 20", of which the shortest is 10 inches, the longest is 20 inches.If you buy three bundles, the proposed size with:10”+10”+10”; 12”+12”+12”;14”+14”+14”;16”+16”+16;18”+18”+18”;20”+20”+20”; If you want to match yourself, please contact us and we will solve the problem for you.

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