clip-in hair extension

  1. The case of using hair extensions failed

    Today, hair extensions have become a trend, and most people like hair extensions; however, some people wear hair extensions that really fail.

    Walking in the street, maybe you have seen such a scene, obsessive-compulsive upper body, really want to go forward to tell her: my dear, I will help you wear the clip in hair extension.


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  2. Black Friday Welfare: hair sales, the lowest price, the speed of buying!

    Black Friday Welfare: hair sales, the lowest price, the speed of buying!

    Black friday crazy shopping festival is coming, in order to meet the needs of consumers, we guarantee the quality of the hair under the premise of keeping the price to a minimum.

    Really is the history of the lowest price, take the 8A body wave this product, the original price is $ 82.85, the new shelves discounted price is $ 57.99, double eleven discount price is $ 53.49, however, black friday price is $ 50.99, $ 31.86, too cost-effective. Black Friday will restore the original price, if necessary, the speed buy!

    All the 8A hair extensions have been cut off, except for the explosions that the campaign has launched, clip-in hair extensions 20% off.

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  3. How to Buy a Wig-Selecting a Wig (3)

    How to Buy a Wig-Selecting a Wig (3)

    Find the wig for their own, can highlight the advantages of the face, the shortcomings hidden, so the choice of buying wigs, the need to consider their own face, of course, the premise is to recognize their own face shape, only know their own Lack of enough to be able to avoid weaknesses.

    1. round face: the advantages of this face are lovely, but it will appear fatter, in the choice of wig, the best choice of short wizard wig, can be a good highlight of the contours of the face. Or choose a longer wig, the front of the hair from the middle on both sides, both sides of the natural hanging hair can block part of the face, creating a narrow face.

    2. Heart-shaped face: suitable for cutting bangs, the forehead of the bangs can block the forehead, highlights the delicate facial features. You can also choose a texture twisted

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  4. How to Buy a Wig-Selecting a Wig (2)

    How to Buy a Wig-Selecting a Wig (2)

    Buy wigs can not only consider their favorite style or only pick the very expensive real hair, to consider the use of the occasion, or spend so much money to buy real hair, but in the end did not use, which is equivalent to a waste of money.

    1. For sports occasions, you can choose a shorter wig, such as The Rihanna Cut, The Playful Pixie cut, Elegant Bob Style. This hair will not hinder the movement, very light, very comfortable to wear.

    2. to participate in the party, you can choose a beautiful fashion long wig, long hair will make girls more gentle and charming, especially for the party. Of course, it is best to choose real hair, will be more natural, showing the beauty of the girl.

    3. Daily work in the office, you can consider the more fashionable wig, choose the wig when you need to consider the lif

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  5. How to Apply a Wig-Do the preparation before wearing a wig

    How to Apply a Wig-Do the preparation before wearing a wig

    Now very popular wearing a wig, many people like it. But found that many customers to install the wig is not very skilled to wear. Wearing method is not correct, resulting in wig life is not long, easy to fall off and damaged. In fact, as long as the patient can do every step, certainly can wear a beautiful wig. Let's take a look at what you need to do before you wear the wig:

    1.Prepare the wig

    Choose a suitable wig for their own, it is best to according to their own face, their favorite style to choose, determine the length of a good hair. There are three types of wigs, namely, human hair, animal hair and synthetic fiber wigs, their prices are not the same, you can choose a hair from the hair extension.

    2. Skin test to prevent allergies

    There are a lot of people prone to aller

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  6. Practical Tips to Buying and Using Clip in Hair Extensions

    Before you buy hair extensions, you need to consider the type of hair extension and the amount spent, choose the natural expansion or synthetic expansion?

    One-time or long-term? With these questions, it is time to study the best choice. The right thing to do is search the local online store, visit the local beauty salon, and find out what other consumers are saying about the hair salon and the information website. But also concerned about the brand's latest news, they sell the type of expansion, quality, and price.

    When you know that there is enough hair extension information, we start by following the steps to consider buying hair.

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