1. Why salon stores worldwide need wholesale hair extensions? what're the benefits? (2)

    In the previous article we discussed three benefits, namely: Quality Service Is Guaranteed, Saves Time and Ensures Consistent Extension Quality. Then let's talk about the last two benefits:

    Clients Are Happier

    For clients, nothing beats a one-stop-shop. They want to come in, be pampered and leave gorgeous. Running all over town looking for hair extension vendors isn’t part of that experience.

    By buying your hair extensions wholesale, you make it easy for your clients to come in and relax. All they have to do is choose a length and style and let you work your magic.

    You Keep the Profits

    You don’t have to be trained to sell hair extensions

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  2. Why salon stores worldwide need wholesale hair extensions? what're the benefits? (1)

    Now more and more people go to salon stores, they not only to maintain their own hair, but also want to extend the hair, completely change their hairstyle, so that they become more beautiful. In order to meet the needs of customers, salon stores need wholesale hair extensions, we take a look at its benefits:

    Quality Service Is Guaranteed

    When you send your clients to purchase their hair extensions from a vendor, you have no control over whether the vendor treats your clients right. Purchasing extensions for your salon wholesale ensures that your clients experience only the best service from start to finish.

    Saves Time

    Sending your clients to a vendor for

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  3. How to Buy the Best Cheap Human Hair Extensions- Local or online store?

    The last step is to choose to buy, Local or online store? This is a very headache, it does not matter, I'll give you an analysis.

    You can buy human hair extensions from your local beauty salon or from an online store. The choice for wholesale hair extensions is also available if you want to buy a variety at the same time or if you are purchasing with friends. Your local salon might have a good display but many online stores have a greater variety.

    Buying hair extensions can be a tiring and tricky process but this guide will help you buy the best human hair extensions for a smashing look. If you need a place to purchase great human hair extensions online, check Riverwood hair for a great sel

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  4. How to Buy the Best Cheap Human Hair Extensions- Determine your budget

    The budget is very important, which directly affects which one you can buy hair, so, before buying, be sure to determine their own budget.

    After every other decision, you have gotten to the practical money part. You have a choice from different types of cheap human hair extensions so finding a perfect fit within your budget should not be a problem.

    Even though the human hair options are looking more expensive than synthetic hair right now, consider the advantages you will get from human hair. Easy styling, longer life span and a natural look will come from this choice so the cost for cheap human hair will be worth it in the long run.

    So, what is the budget for your purchase?

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  5. How to Buy the Best Cheap Human Hair Extensions- Compare different extensions

    Today we come to discuss, compare different types of hair extensions.y.

    Even if you know what you want by now, still take some time to compare the different affordable hair extension options. From the many options available, determine the type, texture and price that is right for you.

    You can ask your friends about their personal experiences or read reviews to help you make up your mind.

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  6. Night Time Hair Care Tips-A few things to note

    Night hair care in addition to know how to care methods and techniques, in addition also need to know some precautions. This helps hair care better.

    Do use a silk or satin pillowcase

    the smooth surface of the fabric prevents your hair from matting and tangling, and it does not remove product from the hair keeping your tresses hydrated and luster all night long.

    Do opt for a loose braid

    on nights when you really can’t be bothered to follow the above steps, keep your weave tangle and breakage free with a loose braid.

    Don’t ever sleep with wet hair

    the dampness can cause the hair to rub together, resulting in major damage

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  7. How to buy 8A Brazilian body wave human hair extension.

    How to buy 8A Brazilian body wave human hair extension.

    Wigs make us more beautiful, so it is very popular, every beauty of our girl's dream of having a soft and charming long hair. So, when buying wigs need to pay attention to what? After reading this article, you will know how to buy 8A Brazilian body wave human hair extension.

    In the choice of hair, the first need to see the color of the hair, check all the hair is a color wire, make sure there is no white hair.

    The second is to see the whole, body wave shape curly neatly when the jitter is deformed.

    Third look at the details, including the triple sewing machine head, whether there is miscellaneous hair, hair loss will be, as well as the tail of the hair.

    Riverwood hair is a professional extension of the hair, factories in China, has offices in the world. Riverwood hair produced hair of

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  8. Top 4 Halloween hairstyles let you stand out.

    If you want to show up to the party with a truly impressive costume, try your hand at a beautiful, eerie or flat-out scary Halloween look. Need something even more last-minute? We've got 4 super easy Halloween hairstyles right here.

    Halloween hairstyles 1

    Black kitten's most popular shape, the abundance of black straight hair tied to the head, with a big black bow decoration. Also with the black cat's makeup: long eyebrows, thick eyelashes, black lips, lovely black nose, do not forget to cheek on both sides of the cat's beard.

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  9. Brazilian human hair’s maintenance

    Brazilian human hair’s maintenance

    Brazilian hair is very magical, it can make you become more gorgeous, more attractive. However,The maintenance method is incorrect and will damage the hair, we recommend the eight steps to maintain the Brazilian human hair

    1.Recommend cool or warm water

    2.Use shampoo and brush hair recently

    3.Rinse thoroughly with hair conditioner.

    4.Pat dry and brush with a wide tooth comb, spray throughout.

    5.Set and dry naturally

    6.Style as desired after hair is completely dry

    7.Stove iron is very hot and uncontrollable.(Recommend the electrical iron setting at 350 OF)

    8.Slickness and softness are the feelings when you touch Naomi to hair

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  10. How to Buy a Wig-Selecting a Wig(4)

    How to Buy a Wig-Selecting a Wig(4)

    In the purchase of wigs before the need to pick their own color according to their own wig, so the premise is to have a clear understanding of their skin color, we look at the different color, should choose what kind of wig?

    Choosing the Right Color Wig for You:

    First time wig wearers should stick to wig colors and styles that are close to their current style and color. This will help them get used to a slightly different look and will make the transition between styles more comfortable.

    For a natural look, choose the same shade as your natural hair, or a wig within one shade. This means that the wig is more likely to suit your warm or cool coloring. When in doubt, go slightly lighter as dark colors can overwhelm the face. Use a color chart or color ring to match a wig to your natural color.

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