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  1. There are 5 hairstyles for 8A Brazilian human hair, Which one do you like?

    Riverwood 8A Brazilian human hair have high quality, There are 5 hairstyles for it. They are Straight hair, Body wave, Deep wave, Jerry curly and kinky curly.

    Straight hair with natural color, This is what most people like hairstyles, is a very daily hairstyle. We have 10-20 inch, The price is Manufacturers price.

    Body wave, It is a more sexy hair, is the world's most popular. Each girl's heart wants to be beautiful, choose this Body wave is very useful.

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  2. Christmas Promotions Details

    Dear customers, Christmas is coming soon.

    In order to bring the pleasure of shopping to the customers, we specially introduce the shopping concession.

    The rules are as follows:

    The purchase of products is more than $99, input RW10, saving $10.

    More than $149, input RW15, save $15.

    more than $199, input RW20, save $20.

    Welcome to buy.

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  3. Black Friday Sales Preview

    Black Friday, the biggest sale of the year is just around the corner. This year, Riverwood Hair is offering the biggest Black Friday Sale with 15% OFF of the Entire Store. Just enter coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. Please note: This deal is not valid for synthetic hair extension. Black Friday Sale starts on Thursday, November 23, 2017, and will be valid through Sunday (Cyber Sunday), November 26, 2017, at 11:59 p.m eastern.

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  4. Black Friday Welfare: hair sales, the lowest price, the speed of buying!

    Black Friday Welfare: hair sales, the lowest price, the speed of buying!

    Black friday crazy shopping festival is coming, in order to meet the needs of consumers, we guarantee the quality of the hair under the premise of keeping the price to a minimum.

    Really is the history of the lowest price, take the 8A body wave this product, the original price is $ 82.85, the new shelves discounted price is $ 57.99, double eleven discount price is $ 53.49, however, black friday price is $ 50.99, $ 31.86, too cost-effective. Black Friday will restore the original price, if necessary, the speed buy!

    All the 8A hair extensions have been cut off, except for the explosions that the campaign has launched, clip-in hair extensions 20% off.

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  5. Brazilian Human Hair Extensions GIVEAWAY, Click here!

    Activity time

    Activity time:2017.11.14-2017.12.24

    Announce prize time:2017.12.25(Christmas)

    Activity Rules

    Hey Everyone!!Great chance to win Hair Extensions Giveaway!Please Follow the steps below to win a giveaway:

    Step 1: Like our fan page Riverwood Hair

    Step 2: Like + Share this picture (Share publicly so I can count you in.)

    Step 3: Tag a friend AND Comment in the Comment box by typing "www.riverwoodfashion.com GIVEAWAY" when you are done.

    Activity GIVEAWAY

    Winning chance for everyone!!

    The NO1 will get the prize of 3 bundles of 8A grade Brazilian human h

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  6. How to buy 8A Brazilian body wave human hair extension.

    How to buy 8A Brazilian body wave human hair extension.

    Wigs make us more beautiful, so it is very popular, every beauty of our girl's dream of having a soft and charming long hair. So, when buying wigs need to pay attention to what? After reading this article, you will know how to buy 8A Brazilian body wave human hair extension.

    In the choice of hair, the first need to see the color of the hair, check all the hair is a color wire, make sure there is no white hair.

    The second is to see the whole, body wave shape curly neatly when the jitter is deformed.

    Third look at the details, including the triple sewing machine head, whether there is miscellaneous hair, hair loss will be, as well as the tail of the hair.

    Riverwood hair is a professional extension of the hair, factories in China, has offices in the world. Riverwood hair produced hair of

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  7. How to shop in 11.11 activities to save money Raiders

    Double eleven activities minus five yuan each discount, the time is 11.5-11.12, how to use this activity, spend the least money to buy the best hair?

    I'll give you a save shopping Raiders:

    The shop rules for more than $ 79 free shipping, otherwise need to pay postage $ 11.99. So, we must select the shopping cart worth $ 79.

    First of all, choose one of my favorite human hair, the price below $ 70, I recommend this one: Brazilian virgin body weave human hair grade 8A 3 bundles set with lace closure.This is a 3 bundle body wave + 4X4 frontal, very affordable, the original price is 69.98, now 10% off, for only $ 62.99. Whether it is to attend the party or friends gatherings, are very on the grade, it is sexy. you deserve to have.

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  8. Top 4 Halloween hairstyles let you stand out.

    If you want to show up to the party with a truly impressive costume, try your hand at a beautiful, eerie or flat-out scary Halloween look. Need something even more last-minute? We've got 4 super easy Halloween hairstyles right here.

    Halloween hairstyles 1

    Black kitten's most popular shape, the abundance of black straight hair tied to the head, with a big black bow decoration. Also with the black cat's makeup: long eyebrows, thick eyelashes, black lips, lovely black nose, do not forget to cheek on both sides of the cat's beard.

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  9. Halloween purchase of Brazilian human hair offers

    The annual Halloween is coming soon, and in order to celebrate this great festival, our website has also launched a series of new products: Premium color hair. Brown, 350 #, light brown, dark brown, medium brown and bleach blonde. is of high quality, and there are promotions, it is now 20% discount, which bleach blonde is 30% discount, it is this new variety of the best.

    May you ask, why bleach blonde the price of several other hair than you should be expensive? I came to tell you why: bleach blonde this color is the brightest, because it is the best hair dye, through the workers to complete the program, take the long time, the actual production cost is very high. Of course, the effect is the most obvious, t

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  10. Grade 7A Brazilian Deep Wave Details

    Grade 7A Brazilian Deep Wave Details

    This piece of hair is made of 100% Brazilian human hair, no animal hair or fiber, is the virgin hair, our factory in strict accordance with the requirements of the production, so the quality is very guaranteed, please rest assured. Level is 7A, good quality.

    The color of the hair is pure natural color, of course, you can according to their favorite color for dyeing, can also bleach. The weight of the hair is 100g ± 5g / beam, buy three is 300g.

    The size of the hair is 10 ", 12", 14 ", 16", 18 ", 20", of which the shortest is 10 inches, the longest is 20 inches.If you buy three bundles, the proposed size with:10”+10”+10”; 12”+12”+12”;14”+14”+14”;16”+16”+16;18”+18”+18”;20”+20”+20”; If you want to match yourself, please contact us and we will solve the problem for you.

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