Hairstyles with Hair Scarf


    Today, the hairstyle is really easy to do. With a few easy-to-master steps and a couple of hair pins, you can make it. OK, now, follow the tutorial to learn it!


                                             Divide the hair on the top of the head into two parts.


    Then grab a thick section and start braiding a 3-strand braid. Make sure to braid in a loose downward motion so it looks more relaxed of a braid.


                        Leave a longer hair end which doesn’t need to braid. Secure it with a clear elastic.


                                          Pull it apart to make it appear fuller and more relaxed. 


               Do the same on the other side and then just simply take a ponytail and gather all the hair together.


                Finally, tie the scarf to the ponytail. If you don’t like wearing scarf, Stopping at step 5 is ok.