Pull Through Braid Tutorial


   To the third tutorial. This is a simple braid hairstyle. Braids can help complete your look for any style. If you have medium thick hair then this style is perfect for you. Follow this tutorial below to learn it!

   Starting with a natural hair wave. Section off a piece of hair at the top of your head and secure it with an elastic.

                                                            Then create another ponytail.


                                                     Take the first ponytail and split it in half.


                                                   And pull it underneath the first ponytail.


                                                        And secure it with an elastic.


                                             Then gather hair and create another ponytail.


                      Then loop the ponytail siting on top underneath the ponytail you just created. 


                                                               Secure with an elastic.


                      Then create another ponytail with all the hair left over at the nape of the neck.

                And with the ponytail above it, split it in half and secure underneath the lower ponytail.


                       Then form one final loop to finish it off, and pull through the braid. Complete!