• Different types of grades and the differences between them

    Here at Riverwood Fashion Inc, our human hair extensions are categorized by grades scale. 7A Grade Brazilian, 8A Grade Brazilian and 10A grade Brazilian. 7A Brazilian Human Hair Extensions are the lowest grade hair that we offer, but it is still high quality Brazilian hair at an affordable price. Brazilian Human Hair Extensions are popular because of their versatility, durability and density. It is very easy to blend these hair extensions with your hair if you have natural thick hair and you plan on having some of your hair left out to blend in with the hair extensions. Our products are very good in quality and 100% authentic human hair.

  • Can you color our human hair?

    Yes. Other than the pre-colored hair extension, all our human hair extensions can be dyed and colored. However, we recommend getting them colored by a professional and experienced hair stylist who has previous experience working with hair extensions.

  • Do we sell wholesale to licensed hair stylish or to business owners?

    Yes. We offer wholesale price on all our hair extensions to licensed hair stylist, and business owner. We have a show room and a warehouse (at 3238 Oakcliff Industrial St. Doravile, GA 30340) that is able to ship orders at any size nationwide

  • Why do we need to verify credit card?

    Credit card verification is required for any order over $300 or the shipping address provided is different from your billing address, or if some of the information provided for the billing information does not match with that the credit card merchant has on file. The reason we doing this is to prevent credit card fraud, or if someone is trying to make a purchase with a stolen credit card and ship to a different address.

  • Can you order online, and pick it up in store?

    Yes. You can always pick up your order in store. Our retail store is located at 3238 Oakcliff Industrial St. Doraville, GA 30340. For more information, you can contact us at (678) 431-8103 or email us at goldenriverhair@gmail.com

  • Do we offer next day shipment?

    Yes. In addition to the free 3-5-business day standard shipping when you order $59 or more, we also offer next day shipping options. 

    Next day orders placed by 5 p.m. ET will be shipped on the same business day. So, if an order is placed on Thursday at 4:59 p.m. ET will be shipped on Thursday. However, if an order is placed on Friday will not be shipped until Monday unless you choose the "Next Day (Saturday) shipping" option. 

    Please make sure to enter the correct shipping address: street number, name, city, state and zip code. Riverwood Fashion Inc. is not liable for packages that sent to the wrong address due to shipping address were entered incorrectly.