10A Straight Virgin Human Hair Bundle
10A Straight Virgin Human Hair Bundle
10A Straight Virgin Human Hair Bundle
10A Straight Virgin Human Hair Bundle
10A Straight Virgin Human Hair Bundle
10A Straight Virgin Human Hair Bundle
10A Straight Virgin Human Hair Bundle
10A Straight Virgin Human Hair Bundle
10A Straight Virgin Human Hair Bundle

10A Straight Virgin Human Hair Bundle

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Brand: Riverwood

Dyeable, Bleachable. Can be permed, No shedding, No tangling.

Hair Bundles Information:

  • Hair Material: Indian Virgin Human Hair, Healthy and Natural
  • Hair Length:10 - 30 inch
  • Hair Weight: About 3.5oz (95-100 gram)/Bundle
  • Hair Color: Natural Black 

Hair Closure Information:

  • Hair Material: Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair
  • Lace Material: Swiss Lace
  • Lace Size: 4*4inch
  • Hair style: Free Part
  • Hair Weight: About 35g/piece
  • Lace Color: Nature Black


Myths About Straight Hair

Several beauty myths have circulated for years regarding straight hair. Here’s the lowdown on how much truth lies within these statements!

Myth: Coldwater helps keep hair shiny and straight. Have you ever blasted cold water on your hair at the end of your shower because you thought it’d help hold in shine and keep it straight? Unfortunately, the water temperature doesn’t affect how straightforward your hair will or won’t be. But closing the hair cuticle does help lock in moisture, which is good for your straight hair’s health and luster.

Myth: Using heat styling tools at a higher temperature will help maintain straight hair. The truth is high settings will damage your hair and cause frizzing and breakage. Depending on how thick or thin your hair is, you can raise the temperature to adjust. Generally speaking, however, keep the temperature low to medium and always use a heat protectant before you start styling.

Myth: Straight, fine hair will never have a body or hold the curl. Type 1A hair is the only straight hair type where it’s unlikely you’ll have anybody, wave, or curl. But flat hair types 1B and 1C can all achieve different styles with the right styling tools and products. It is true even if your hair is fine.

Myth: Combing hair from root to tip when wet helps promote straight hair. While this combing method gives a quick straight hairstyle, it doesn’t lock in the look once the hair dries. It can cause strands to break and become frizzy once dry. Instead, prep hair with a leave-in conditioner, then gently work the comb through the ends first, working your way up.

How to Care for Straight Hair

People with straight hair face common challenges, such as dryness, limp locks, lack of shine, and product buildup. To ensure your hair is silky, healthy, and smooth, here are a few dos and don’ts to be mindful of when caring for your straight hair.

  • Do wash your hair regularly. While some people opt to skip shampooing for a day or two, regular washes ensure clean hair that won’t leave your locks limp and oily-looking. Because natural oils collect more easily in straight hair, you run into the problem of having greasing-looking roots if you go without shampooing. Between washes, use a dry shampoo to refresh your hair roots and add volume to flat hair.


  • Don’t overcompensate with products. Maybe your straight hair seems lifeless without adding your daily routine of products to the mix. Rather than using more products, find ones that incorporate multiple benefits into one bottle. Also, select products that contain natural ingredients and give your hair a healthy boost without sticky residue that can weigh down the hair over time.


  • Do use hairspray or finishing spray to keep curls intact. Have you ever curled your hair only to have them lose their bounce an hour later? Maintain your styling by using a product to hold curls in place. You can also comb through the hair with your fingers rather than a brush if you want to separate for looser curls.


  • Don’t sleep on wet hair. This is one way to invite frizz or cowlicks that will be harder to work through in the morning. If you decide to go to bed with damp hair, spray a leave-in conditioner over your tresses and pull into a loose braid.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Chelsea Jackson

10A Straight Virgin Human Hair Bundle

Tamara Jones

Great Value

CEOLA CAmpbell

I have use it yet but so far it looks good I inly measure 30 inches when i ordwr 32

tanayjsa rivers
Hair is soft

The hair is soft and you rarely have to brush it the only problem is the fly aways sticking out but after a good flat iron you wont see them as much but it seems like short pieces are in the bundle but its good for the price.

Bertrina Edwards
Awesome hair

So far no shedding and I love it!

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