30 bundle deal straight, body wave and deep wave
30 Bundles Deal - 8A Indian Virgin Hair (Varied Length 10"-28") Straight/Body/Deep
Straight bundles human hair
30 Bundles Deal - 8A Indian Virgin Hair (Varied Length 10"-28") Straight/Body/Deep
body wave bundles human hair
deep wave bundle human hair
30 Bundles Deal - 8A Indian Virgin Hair (Varied Length 10"-28") Straight/Body/Deep

30 Bundles Deal - 8A Indian Virgin Hair (Varied Length 10"-28") Straight/Body/Deep

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Brand: Riverwood

This bundle deal is 30 bundles which include:

 Length Quantity
10" 3
12" 3
14" 3
16" 3
18" 3
20“ 3


24“ 3
26” 3
28“ 3


Textual Options: Straight, Body, Deep.

Hair Bundles Information:

  • Hair Material: 8A Indian Virgin Human Hair, Healthy and Natural
  • Hair Weight: About 3.4 oz (95-100 grams) per Bundle
  • Hair Color: Natural Black Color

 Hair Grading Standards

When purchasing a human hair weave online, you may notice numerous human hair bundles vendors mark their Remy hair as 7A, 8A, 9A, or 10A to label the grade of human hair weave. How do these grade standards appear? What’s the difference between these quality grades? If you are too confused about this, here is the right place that can solve your questions.


How To Grade Human Hair Weave

There isn’t an official common standard in the Remy hair market to grade the human hair weave.

Human hair bundles grade aims to show the different quality levels of the human hair. Other Remy hair vendors have different criteria for human hair weave grades. If you want to buy the 10A grade human hair from one vendor, that means you will buy the best natural water and wavy human hair weave. But that doesn’t mean there is the same evaluation standard about hair grade between different vendors.

So what should you consider when you want to buy a high-quality human hair weave or bundle?


Factors You Should Consider When Buying High-Grade Human Hair Weave

  1. Material

100% virgin Remy hair is the best material to avoid shedding and tangle. Virgin Remy human hair has original features and cuticles, smooth for touch, natural luster around the hair will bring the most natural and fashionable looking after worn.


  1. Production procedure

Production without any harmful chemical component will be highly recommended for your health. Each bundle is made of 100% Remy human hair from a single donor like Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Chinese hair, and other hair. All the products here we promise 100% human natural hair, no tangle, no shedding.


  1. Single or double sewing wefts

Compare with single stitch weft, and double stitch wefts can better avoid the hair shedding. Double weft extensions are two wefts of hair sewn together on the same seem as you would a single weft extension. Double weft extensions are brilliant for adding a lot of volume without having to have loads of clips.


Remy or Non-Remy?

You usually should choose Remy Hair with all cuticles intact and face the same direction for preventing tangling. Remy Hair can last up to 1-2 years while that of Non-Remy is only six months.

Single Donor or Multiple Donors?

Next, some brands would claim all of their bundles are single donor hair, which is nearly impossible. If that’s true, they should not have the ability to supply Double DrawnSuper Double Drawn, or Full Tips Hair, as one would never have that much hair to be drawn out. Earnestly Single Donor or Multiple Donor doesn’t affect hair quality that much, except for that Single Donor Hair would appear more even in color when being bleached and dyed (which most colorists ask for).

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